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Learner Permit Requirements in Ohio

How to get an Ohio Learner´s Permit (TIPIC)?


Ohio DPS approved online driver ed courses are


Make application to the DPS for an Ohio learners permit.


Pass the required:


Driving with a permit.(TIPIC)

After successfully completing the testing phases of getting an Ohio learners permit, it’s time to begin gaining the necessary experience in actual driving. The following are requirements under the law to be adhered to:


Ohio Graduated Driver License (GDL)

The Ohio graduated driver’s license law is a system designed to phase in young beginning drivers through various stages before they can obtain full driving privileges.  If you are a person between the ages of 15 years 6 months - 18 years old, you do not have a choice, you must go through the graduated license process.

“All states and the District of Columbia have a 3-stage GDL system, states the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration- NHTSA. Leaders in the national teen driver education area have developed standards for the states to implement. Additionally, studies indicate a substantial decrease in crashes for the 16 – 17-year old age group of almost 20 to 50%. 

 The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles requires teen drivers to go through Ohio’s Graduated License Process (GDL in order to obtain a full unrestricted driver’s license.

·          Phase 1 – Temporary Instruction Permit Identification Card (TPIC)

·          Phase 2 – Probationary License


Phase 3 – Full License


Restrictions while driving with TPIC

If you are 15 years 6 months of age or older, you may begin taking this approved driver education course.  When this course is completed, you can get started anytime with your in-car training.

What You Need To Know About Ohio’s Young Driver Law


To be licensed before your 18th birthday, you need to complete:


What are the types of licenses available in Ohio?

Ohio Driver's Licenses are divided into classes according to a person’s age group and the type of vehicle they will drive. 

Class D (Basic License) Any motor vehicle which is not considered a motorcycle or commercial vehicle as described below.

Additionally, the United States requires the operators of certain identified vehicles


Commercial Driver License (CDL) have 3 classes and many endorsements.  to possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) as defined below. 


Tips for Teens


Tips for Parents/Guardians:

Parents/guardians are critical components to keeping teen drivers safe on the roads, as they have the ability to best assess the teen driver's knowledge, skills and maturity. Here are some tips for teaching your teen to drive


After Your Teenager Receives His or Her Driver's License - This is a stage where your role is just as if not more critical as when you were teaching them to drive.




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